Xi Van Fleet on ‘Mao’s America’

Xi Van Fleet | October 25, 2023

The year 2020 was a watershed moment in American history. The outbreak of a pandemic brought ashore to us from the Chinese Communist Party and the death of George Floyd created the perfect storm. This storm delivered a heavy blow to America, a blow so severe that America now appears to have been possibly changed forever.

Suddenly, many Americans awakened to the realization that they hardly recognized their own country anymore. Overnight, it seemed new realities were being forced upon them, challenging everything they believed to be true.

Many awoke to find that they have become oppressors for being born White. Others found that they must now consider themselves hopelessly oppressed and incapable simply because they were born non-White. Many are bewildered that reality and common sense no longer mean anything.

During the riots in the summer of 2020, viewers were told they were watching mostly peaceful protests while buildings were burning in the background. No one now is sure how to define a woman and everyone must now believe men can have babies. Parents were dumbfounded through Zoom classes what their children are being taught in public schools — that America is an unredeemable, racist country.

Americans have found themselves strangers in their own country. What is happening? Why? For what purpose?

But wait… I have seen all of this before.