White Colonizers Plan to Teach Kids the ‘Right Thoughts’ on Gender Ideology

Stephanie Lundquist-Arora | June 27, 2024

(Washington Examiner) — The disconnect between Fairfax County Public Schools leadership’s words and actions would be almost funny if their antics did not involve children. While they strive to put race at the center of every educational lesson and policy consideration, they are ironically omitting it as they discuss teaching our children gender ideology in Fairfax County’s elementary schools.

Fairfax County school district’s administration and its board members are race-obsessed. In 2020, they paid Ibram Kendi $20,000 to speak for an hour at a Zoom meeting about his “anti-racist” philosophy, which claims the only way to address past discrimination is with present discrimination. 

To that end, they reconfigured admissions at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, moving from a merit-based system to reduce the number of Asians at the magnet school. It worked. Consequently, TJ has dropped in the national ranking from 1st to 14th and will undoubtedly drop even further since the last merit-based class graduated this month. 

In addition to the move away from merit at TJ, Fairfax County’s schools also teach white privilege, hold assemblies villainizing white students in demonstrations of microaggressions, and host privilege bingo games, just to name a few of their many race-focused initiatives.

But their racial justice concerns seem to stop when they become politically inexpedient. For example, despite the leadership’s obsession with “equity,” they do not apply the principle to themselves. The school board is composed of mostly white members, eight of 12. The chairman and vice chairwoman, Karl Frisch and Melanie Meren, are white. The superintendent, Michelle Reid, is white. And in fact, the majority of the overpaid district-level administrative leadership is white.

These white liberals are also completely obsessed with transgender issues. They try to make claims that their group is diverse, but look at any rainbow mafia event. You will see almost all white faces and colorful hair. Gender ideology is the white liberal’s path to helping them shed the heavy burden of their white guilt.

The Pew Research Center’s opinion polling shows that other races are not as excited about promoting transgender policies, especially when it comes to their children. A growing share of respondents (65%) say that gender is determined by sex at birth, including 70% of black respondents and 62% of Hispanic respondents.