‘Virginia School Choice Week’ Celebrated in Arlington

Pictured: Nathan Brinkman, Ginny Gentles & Steven Mosley With Governor Youngkin’s School Choice Week Proclamation

EdNews Virginia | February 2, 2024

EdReform Virginia’s 2nd annual School Choice Week event drew more than 70 attendees Saturday evening. The event, held at Arlington’s Rocklands Barbecue and Grilling Company, featured remarks from a variety of speakers on the transformative power of educational freedom.

“With school choice, we could all have it our way,” said EdReform Virginia Executive Director Nathan Brinkman. “We could find schools that align with our most deeply held values or match our kids’ unique needs — not all kids are the same; not all kids learn the same; not all kids thrive in the same kind of environment.”

Steven Mosley, a college administrator and educator who serves on the board of EdReform Virginia, recalled the sacrifices his middle-class parents made to afford his tuition. “School choice allows for your dollars to go to your own kids for their education,” Mosley said. “I’m an advocate for school choice; I’m here to support parents for school choice.”

School choice advocate and EdReform Virginia board member Ginny Gentles discussed Governor Glenn Youngkin’s efforts to broaden educational freedom and drive innovation. “School choice is not just one thing — it’s not just transitioning from a public school to a private school or from public school to homeschooling,” Gentles said. “It’s all kinds of things within the education arena.”

Derrick Max, president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, talked about how education changes lives. “This is the biggest civil rights issue of our day,” he said. “It’s almost too late for some of these kids — we can’t wait another day!”

Saturday’s event concluded with remarks from WMAL talk radio host Julie Gunlock. “I am frustrated as a Virginia mom; I am frustrated that Virginia is one of the states that has the least choices for parents,” Gunlock said. “This is the most important issue of our time.”