UNSEALED: Grand Jury Report on Loudoun County Schools

EdNews Virginia | December 5, 2022

A grand jury has concluded that Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) administrators “failed at every juncture” in their handling of sexual assaults that occurred last year.

Attorney General Jason Miyares shared a link to the grand jury’s findings today. “I encourage everyone to read it,” Miyares tweeted. “The School Board failed to demand accountability or conduct proper oversight of the superintendent & staff. I look forward to positive change in LCPS from this report.”

The 92-page document outlines a series of alarming incidents that occurred over the last two years. “This report contains sexually explicit material relating to minors, as well as profane language,” the grand jury warns readers on page one.

The jurors — all of them Loudoun residents — believe “the culture needs to change” in the county’s public schools. To that end, eight reforms are listed for the district’s consideration, starting with a plea for honest, proactive communication:

“To increase transparency and foster better communication, LCPS should include as much information as reasonably possible when informing parents, staff, students, and the community about significant incidents occurring on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored event.”