PragerU Offers Curricula for Schools — Florida Approves, With More States to Follow

Frances Floresca | August 15, 2023

(The Lion) — The children’s educational initiative of the conservative nonprofit PragerU has created videos and materials for use in public schools, and Florida is the first state to officially approve their use. 

More states are soon to follow, reports Jill Simonian, the program’s director of outreach.

PragerU Kids offers “educational, fun, patriotic content” for all grade levels with shows, videos, books, magazines and worksheets. Children can learn about history, economics, discover the United States, and learn life skills.

For example, in “Leo & Layla’s Adventures,” student can join the main characters as they meet historical figures such as Founding Fathers, inventors, and even biblical characters.

In a book series called Otto’s Tales, children can explore the importance of American holidays and significant sites around the country. The curricula also provides patriotic book lists for children categorized by grade level, and students can even learn the basics in managing finances.

The program is a response to “woke agendas” infiltrating classrooms, culture and social media, the PragerU Kids home page says. 

Besides these materials, PragerU has also created a Parent Action Guide to assist moms and dads in engaging better with their kids’ education. It teaches parents how to request access to curricula in their child’s school, how to share their concerns with leadership, how to opt out children from activities, and how to submit public records requests.

Parents can also stay informed on important educational issues through Simonian’s regular program, called Live with Jill

The organization hopes more states will follow Florida, and says in a petition to put its content in schools that it’s partnering with state superintendents and education commissioners around the country. 

The Lion reached out to PragerU’s student ambassador program, PragerFORCE, for comment, but it did not respond in time for publication.