New Jersey Court Hears Parents’ Rights Case

EdNews Virginia | August 16, 2023

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy wants all public schools in the Garden State to withhold information regarding students’ gender transitions from their families. Three school districts — Middletown, Marlboro and Manalapan-Englishtown — are now fighting the state government in court.

The embattled school boards voted in June to direct staff to notify parents if students wish to change their gender identities. The New Jersey Attorney General’s office immediately filed three “emergency lawsuits” against these measures. In court on Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General James Michael argued in favor of a current injunction against the school boards. “Once a school outs a student to their parent, the harm is done. It’s irreversible,” Michael said.

While the state argues that “outing” students would amount to unlawful discrimination, the school boards counter that family involvement is crucial to a student’s wellbeing — and enshrined in U.S. law. “I think that we all can see there is a constitutional right for a parent to oversee the upbringing of their child,” Judge David Bauman said during Tuesday’s hearing.

As of Wednesday at noon, Bauman has not issued a decision. On Tuesday, the judge said that he would rule on the matter “shortly.”

Last night, education experts Ginny Gentles and Corey DeAngelis joined Fox News to discuss the issues at stake in New Jersey. “They believe kids belong to the government and not to their parents,” DeAngelis said of the Murphy Administration and other leftists around the country.

“Parents love their kids; they know what’s best for them. It’s unprecedented that schools would be hiding information from parents — especially information like social transitions,” Gentles said. “This is a psychosocial intervention that pushes children into these new identities, hides that information from parents, and then leads them down a path to medical transitions — which we know have life-long consequences and serious health risks.”