Loudoun County Schools Spokesperson’s Sweet Contract

Adam Andrzejewski | January 9, 2024

(RealClearInvestigations) — The spokesperson for Loudoun County Public Schools makes more than a quarter of a million dollars — more than the Virginia governor, the White House Press Secretary, and many federal government attorneys are earning.

Loudoun County Public Schools hired Natalie Allen as chief communications officer, using taxpayer funds to pay her a salary north of a quarter million dollars —  plus a monthly vehicle allowance, a monthly data allowance and moving costs, ABC News7 reported.

Allen’s position was created around the same time the school board hired Superintendent Aaron Spence. Spence and Allen worked with each other in Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Allen also makes far more than other members of the school district communications office, even those with far more experience, the news outlet reported.

LCPS Communications Supervisor Wayde Byard earns a salary of $176,062 and he’s worked for the district for more than 20 years, while Allen’s $251,000 — plus perks — comes from around 12 years of communication experience.

The district public information officer, who has  with more than 23 years of communication experience, makes $176,062, and the director of communications makes just over $201,000, the TV station reported.

Allen’s pay is far too high for a school district employee, and that’s on top of three already well-paid communications — the Loudoun County Public Schools should serve its students and taxpayers better.

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