Letter: Salaries for Top FCPS Staff Are Out of Control

Charles McAndrew | April 17, 2024

(Gazette Leader) — The following is excerpted from remarks delivered at the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors’ budget hearing:

My wife and I have been homeowners in Fairfax County since 1968, and I am a board member of the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance (FCTA). I have been protesting both the budget and taxes for more than 50 years.

I am here to protest the outrageous salaries of executives of the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

Based on data obtained by FCTA, the county’s superintendent of schools is paid $407,823, more than President Biden. The “chief experience and engagement officer” is paid $244,255 and the “chief equity officer” is paid $248,693 – both more than the U.S. secretary of defense, who is responsible for 2.8 million military and civilian employees and an $850 billion budget.

In addition, recently School Board members gave themselves raises to $48,000 annually, with the chairman receiving $50,000. How many hours per year do they work?

The advertised FCPS budget of $3.8 billion represents an increase of 8.6 percent over the current budget, even though enrollment is not expected to increase. Meanwhile, the school system wants a cost-of-living increase of more than double the current inflation rate. This is outrageous.

I understand, Mr. Chairman [Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff McKay], that you had a real problem with the budget proposal. I believe that you stated, “the FCPS requested for the school transfer of [an additional] $165 million is unrealistic,” to which I certainly agree! This transfer to the schools should be substantially reduced.

This letter from Oak Hill resident Charles McAndrew was first published by The Gazette Leader on April 17, 2024.