INTERVIEW: Steven Mosley on Education Reform

EdNews Virginia | January 20, 2023

📷: Steven Mosley

Steven Mosley joined host Ginny Gentles last month on the latter’s podcast, Escaping Your Government Assigned School. Mosley is a college educator and member of Project 21. Gentles is director of the Education Freedom Center at the Independent Women’s Forum. Both Mosley and Gentles are board members of EdReform Virginia, which manages EdNews Virginia.

The conversation between Mosley and Gentles covered a broad range of education-related issues, from “sex ed” to school choice. Regarding the former, Mosley stressed the importance of what he called the “success sequence” — graduating from high school, landing a job, getting married and having kids (in that order).

Mosley and Gentles discussed how educational freedom would allow families to choose schools that align with their values. School choice means “options for everyone,” Mosley said. “It works for everyone.”