INTERVIEW: Nathan Brinkman on School Choice

EdNews Virginia | January 27, 2023

EdReform Virginia Executive Director Nathan Brinkman joined WMAL’s “O’Connor & Company” on Wednesday to discuss education savings account legislation as well as the School Choice Week event to be held on Saturday night in Arlington, Virginia. “We have come a long way in Virginia,” Brinkman told WMAL co-hosts Larry O’Connor and Julie Gunlock. Just three years ago, Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit program was under threat of abolition. In the current 2023 legislative session, at least four school choice bills were introduced.

HB 1508 is the bill with the most legislative momentum and the full backing of Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears. “It would establish education savings accounts that would allow families with rising Kindergartners or kids currently enrolled in Virginia public schools to access their state educational tax dollars to be used for a variety of education-related expenses, including but not limited to private school tuition,” Brinkman said.

The interview concluded with a discussion of the Northern Virginia School Choice Week Celebration featuring WMAL’s Gunlock as well as Vince Coglianese. The event is free and will include a barbecue dinner. For all the details and to RSVP, visit