INTERVIEW: Ginny Gentles on the Urgent Need for School Choice

EdNews Virginia | August 2, 2023

Ginny Gentles — director of the IWF Education Freedom Center and trustee of EdReform Virginia — joined Tuesday’s O’Connor & Company radio program on WMAL. Gentles told co-hosts Larry O’Connor and Julie Gunlock that she will be hosting a lively conversation Wednesday evening about the urgent need for educational freedom in Virginia. The event, Breaking the Mold: Reimagining Education in a Post-COVID World, will be held Wednesday night in Alexandria.

During Tuesday’s WMAL interview, Gentles discussed how she lost faith in the current government-run, residentially-assigned K-12 education system. “I’m not going to return to Arlington Public Schools,” Gentles said. “I don’t trust the public schools in my area to educate my children and not keep secrets from me.”