ICYMI: Nathan Brinkman Talks School Choice on WMAL’s O’Connor & Company

EdNews Virginia | January 26, 2024

EdReform Virginia Executive Director Nathan Brinkman joined WMAL’s O’Connor & Company on Monday to discuss the issue of school choice in the Old Dominion State.

Governor Glenn Youngkin formally recognized January 21–27 as “School Choice Week” in Virginia. “He put out a wonderful, official proclamation emphasizing the importance of equal educational opportunity delivered via school choice for all,” Brinkman told WMAL co-hosts Larry O’Connor and Julie Gunlock.

O’Connor stressed that everyone should care about the state of K-12 education. “Even if you homeschool your kids or send your kids to private school, these public schools still affect you,” the co-host said. “They’re chugging out voters; they’re chugging out employees; they’re chugging out the people you interact with on a regular basis.”

The interview concluded with a discussion of EdReform Virginia’s 2nd annual School Choice Week event to be held on Saturday, January 27 at Rocklands BBQ in Arlington. Confirmed speakers include WMAL’s Gunlock as well as Derrick Max, president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. Visit SchoolChoiceVA.com to learn more and to RSVP.