Half of Parents Are Sending or Considering Sending Their Kids to a New School

Frances Floresca | August 8, 2023

(The Lion) — As students prepare to return to school, many parents are looking to send them to a new school. 

Nearly half of parents have decided on or are currently considering a different school for one or more of their children, according to a National School Choice Week (NSCW) poll. Half of those want to make the move to find a “better education environment for their children.” 

Specifically, 46% of the nearly 2,500 parents polled intend to enroll their children in a new school this year. Of those parents, 17% are still considering their options, 13% have already enrolled their children in a new school, 8% have applied and are awaiting a response, and 8% have made plans to homeschool one or more of their children. 

“I’m encouraged to see that, although school’s out for summer, parents aren’t taking a hiatus from thinking about what’s best for their kids’ education: 45.9% of parents will send a child to a new or different school this fall,” Shelby Doyle, vice president of public awareness at National School Choice Awareness Foundation, which operates NSCW, told The Lion. “‘Back to normal’ in schooling has not entailed a return to the pre-pandemic status quo for all families, and Black and Hispanic parents are particularly likely to be in the midst of changing schools.” 

Indeed, the survey reveals 61% of Black parents and 53% of Hispanic parents have considered sending their children to new schools. Both groups support school choice at over 70% according to a poll last year

The survey also found 51% of parents report moving their children to a new school because they want a “better education environment for their children,” compared to 30% changing schools because their children are advancing to the next level of education and 19% switching due to relocation.

“It’s clear that families are eager to explore new options, and I’m encouraged by how many states created or expanded school choice options this year to make that possible,” Doyle told The Lion.