Gender Activists Have No Intention of Following the Science on Child Transitions

Stephanie Lundquist-Arora | April 18, 2024

(Washington Examiner) — In the face of overwhelming evidence showing the harm of transitioning gender-confused children, an LGBT organization is scheduled to host a transgender camp in Arlington, Virginia, this summer for children as young as 6 years old.

Last week, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service released a report criticizing the use of so-called gender-affirming care for children. Its author, pediatrician and President of the Royal College of Pediatrics Hilary Cass, criticizes medical interventions for gender-questioning minors. She further cautions against socially transitioning children, including pronoun changes in their schools, because it increases the likelihood of the subsequent pursuit of medical intervention.

study published in February 2024 concluded that most of these children, who usually have coexisting problems and whose identity crisis peaks in early adolescence, eventually become gender-conforming adults.

Several detransitioners — people who have undergone gender-related medical intervention as children and regretted it — have supported both these studies and society’s return to facts. Chloe Cole, a detransitioner who said she was transgender at 13 and had a double mastectomy at 15, said, “I’m thankful that this is finally becoming a mainstream conversation, and people are finally starting to wake up to what we are doing to children.”

Indeed, more and more are waking up to the harms of gender ideology, including the use of unstudied medications that block the onset of puberty.