BASILE: Virginia Schools Are Working Against Kids

EdNews Virginia | January 23, 2023

Corey DeAngelis and Joe Mobley joined host Tom Basile on Newsmax to break down the controversy engulfing Northern Virginia public schools over the withholding of academic merit commendations from students, many of whom are Asian American. “Now, 17 schools in Virginia have been exposed for this apparently racist policy,” Basile noted. “The schools are actively working against these kids.”

Mobley, a father in Virginia’s Loudoun County, chose to homeschool his four kids as the result of his lack of trust in the region’s public, government-run schools. “They cannot be trusted to act the best interests of the students and families, Mobley said, “They have proven this time and time again.”

For DeAngelis, a K-12 policy expert, this latest scandal illustrates the need for educational freedom. “This is one of the worst states when it comes to school choice,” he said. “If you inject more competition into the system, perhaps these schools would have more of an incentive to do things parents actually care about.”