100 Gather in Arlington to Celebrate ‘School Choice Week’

Pictured: Steven Mosley

EdNews Virginia | January 30, 2023

Roughly 100 men, women and kids gathered Saturday evening in celebration of National School Choice Week, hosted by EdReform Virginia and the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF). The crowd enjoyed dinner on the second floor of Arlington, Virginia’s Rocklands Barbecue and heard from a variety of speakers on the value of educational freedom. “It is gratifying to see so many people who clearly care about their own kids, about everyone’s kids and the future of this country that we share,” said EdReform Virginia Executive Director Nathan Brinkman.

IWF Education Freedom Center Director and EdReform Virginia Board Member Ginny Gentles shared her belief that “education savings accounts” would enable more families to send their kids to better schools. “I have thankfully had the opportunity to pull my children out of the public school system and enroll them in local private schools,” Gentles said. “It has been absolutely wonderful.”

WMAL morning show co-host Julie Gunlock discussed her own family’s recent switch to Catholic schools. “They’re reading Homer; they’re reading Chaucer; and they’re learning Latin,” Gunlock said. “I am so blessed — but I am haunted by the images of some of those kids I know that are still stuck in the prison of public school.”

Vince Coglianese, host of WMAL’s afternoon drive talk show, offered his thoughts on the moral urgency of education reform. “You entrusted your kids to these government schools, and they corrupted them,” said Coglianese. “We’ve never needed school choice more.”

As the event concluded, EdReform Virginia Board Member Steven Mosley urged attendees to visit EdReformVA.org, sign up to receive updates, and donate if they can. “I’m excited because our movement is growing,” Mosley said.